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Lot # 2 Fundo Quehueño

Lot # 2 Fundo Quehueño Lago Ranco· Chile

Code: TIAT1007

  • Lot Area # 2 (has):3,2
  • Type:Agricultural Tourism
  • Price:CL$950,000,000 (Approx. US$1,400,000)
  • Lake Front Lot #2:114.9
  • Commun Right´s Lot of 79,1 has:14%
  • State:Available


TierraInfinita is proud to present this unique opportunity to acquire a spectacular lake front lot of 3.2 hectares, with 113 meters of water front. The property is located in Futrono, Lago Ranco. The lot is part of a subdivision of the farm known as Fundo Quehueño and has rights over a common property of 79.1 hectares.

Fundo Quehueño has a total area of 101.8 hectares. The farm was subdivided into 8 lots, 7 of them lake front lots with an approximate area of 3.2 hectares and approximately 110 meters of lake front. There is a common lot of 79.1 hectares.

Current ownership has agreed to preserve the common lot as a recreational area for the owners of each lake front lot.

There is also an existing building that serves as storage for boats and other water equipment. Currently there are three structures already built on the lots.

It is in the interest of the current owners, and stipulated in the agreement that governs the community, that only the owner of the lot and his/her inner familiar circle can build properties on the lot.
The spectacular location, the beauty of the surroundings, the peaceful atmosphere and the favorable topography make this property a very unique one.


Investment Highlights

Spectacular Setting

Favorable topography provides spectacular views of the lake and the mountains.

  • Lot # 2 has a friendly and smooth slope towards the lake.
  • Lot # 2 has 110 linear meters of lake front with sandy beach.

Fantastic Location

El lote se ubica en el exclusivo sector de Futrono, Lago Ranco:

  • Distancia Santiago: 900 KM
  • Distancia Aeropuerto Valdivia: 100 KM
  • Distancia Aeropuerto Osorno: 106 KM

Conectividad Ideal

  • Exterior roads are paved.
  • Interior roads are graveled and in excellent condition.
  • Only 3 minute drive to Futrono.


The lot is equipped with total infrastructure:

  • Water access
  • Electricity access
  • Interior roads in great condition
  • Old barn serves as boat and nautical equipment storage

Unique Environment

The property is located in a prime area, close to many tourist attractions:

  • Distance to Lago Maihue: 53 KM
  • Distance to Villarrica: 175 KM
  • Distance to Puerto Montt: 205 KM
  • Distance to Bariloche: 340 KM

Close Cities

Puerto Montt


Aeropuerto PIchoy (Valdivia)
Aeropuerto Cañal Bajo (Osorno)
Aeropuerto El Tepual (Puerto Montt)

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