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Investment in the USA

Advisory in Real Estate Investment in the US

At TierraInfinita, we understand that the world is getting smaller and the opportunities are increasing.

Our audience is made up of sophisticated investors looking to invest in real estate. We offer them the opportunity to invest in real estate in the United States.

To facilitate this we have multiple agreements with American real estate operating platforms that allow us to cover the main markets in the United States. We also have agreements with top legal and accounting firms that help investors build the legal and tax vehicles that are best for their objectives.

TierraInfinita investors can access different types of investments in all types of commercial real estate assets across the United States.

Our partners have the ability and expertise to underwrite, execute the acquisition, develop, structure financing,  manage and lease any type of commercial real estate property.

At TierraInfinita we advise and assist in asset management throughout the entire process, regardless of where the investment vehicle is based. The platform, in conjunction with our market research capabilities, greatly facilitates the decision making and investment management in foreign markets.


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