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Fundo El Salto

Fundo El Salto Puerto Varas· Chile

Code: TIAT1011

  • Property Area (has) :241
  • Type:Agricultural Tourism
  • Location:Puerto Varas
  • Property Price:CL$4,579,000,000 (Approx. US$6,000,000)
  • Price (CL$/ha):19,000,000
  • Lake Front:900 meters
  • State:Available


TierraInfinita presents this unique opportunity to acquire a spectacular estate of approximately 241 hectares with 900 meters of lake shore, located in the Los Riscos area, Los Lagos Region. The property is located on the road to Ensenada, 33 km from Puerto Varas and 12 km from Ensenada.

Of the 241 hectares, 90 hectares are flat and 151 hectares are forest. There are multiple spectacular views of the Osorno Volcano and Lake Llanquihue.

Among existing buildings stand two houses of 200 m2 and 180 m2 respectively, a new barn, a smaller third house, 3 large sheds and a barbecue.

From a production point of view, the main activity would be sheep or cattle ranching. The current owners manage the order of 150-180 cattle heads per year.

The topography of the property is very gently sloping, with beautiful views of the Osorno Volcano and Lake Llanquihue. Most of the surface is natural prairie clover and orchard grass. The total area of native forest within the property is 151 hectares, home to species such as olivillo, cinnamon, ulmo, tineo, coigue, hazel, bayberry, mañío and lingual.

The western boundary is the El Salto River, which turns into a waterfall of 20 meters long.
The houses receive water from Pichicón River, at 25 liters per second.

Access and proximity to urban centers facilitates the management, operation and logistics. The site is easily accessible to agricultural machinery, professional and general services.

The prime location, beautiful surroundings and gentle topography makes this property exclusive and unique in the area.


Investment Highlights

Spectacular Setting

Predio El Salto has multiple hillsides overlooking Lake Llanquihue and Osorno Volcano.

Beautiful prairie grass or honey, curled, natural clover.

900 meters of lake shore.

Unique environment

The property is located in a privileged area, close to many tourist attractions:

  • Distance to Puerto Varas: 33 km
  • Distance to Frutillar: 61 km
  • Distance to Osorno Volcano: 27 km
  • Distance to Petrohué Falls: 22 km
  • Distance to Bariloche: 336 km

Outstanding Infrastructure

The property has three houses, three sheds, a barbecue and a barn.

Neighboring fences in excellent condition.

Interior fences in excellent condition.

Potential Assessment

Tourism in surrounding areas generates much future value.


Prime Location

The property is located in Puerto Varas area:

  • Travel Time Santiago – Puerto Montt: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Puerto Montt Airport Distance to Venue: 54 km of pavement
  • Farm Distance to Plaza de Armas Puerto Varas: 33 km of pavement
  • Farm Distance to Plaza de Armas Puerto Montt: 54 km
  • Farm Distance to Ensenada: 12 km of pavement

Proximity to urban centers facilitates operation, management and logistics.

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