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Fundo Santa Carolina

Fundo Santa Carolina Chile

Code: TIAP1025

  • Property Area (has):120
  • Type:Agriculture Production
  • Location:Región del Maule
  • Property Price:CL$1,440,000,000 (Approx. US$2,100,000)
  • Price (CL$/ha):12,000,000


TierraInfinita is proud to be the agent of this excellent opportunity to acquire a 120-hectares property with water, in the well-recognized fruit growing and stockbreeding region in the Central Valley of Chile.

The property is located 7 km. south of Parral, in the Maule Region, distant 4 hours from Santiago by highway roads. The farm has an excellent connectivity since it’s located at a side of the Ruta 5 Sur highway, with no need to take interior roads. Likewise, the time travel to the port city of Concepción is less than 2 hours, also through highways (Ruta 5 Sur and Ruta del Itata).

Being in a quintessential fruit growing area, the property also counts with stock breeding and living/vacationing infrastructure. An irrigation channel coming from the Embalse Digua crosses the whole property, which has water rights equivalent to more than 90 lt/sec to irrigate during the summer period. The topography is flat, and the farm is currently covered with pastures in between of beautiful trees avenues.

The best alternative use of this property is the European hazelnut, which has been planted in the neighboring farms with great success. This area of the Maule Region comprises the fruit growing heart of Chile. Besides European hazelnut, it has certainly been developed the vineyards, dessert grapes, plums, cherry trees, citrus, walnuts, almonds, and olives. In addition, stockbreeding is also performed in the area.

The great access and proximity to urban centers facilitate the management, operation, and logistics for productive activities. The farm has easy access to farming machinery, equipment, and any services. Its privileged location, flat topography and boundless water availability make this asset an exclusive and unique property in the sector.


Investment Highlights

Agricultural Potentiality

  • Fundo Santa Carolina is located near Parral, Maule Region, in the fruit-growing heart of Chile
  • The European hazelnut is currently the highest valued fruit tree in the neighborhood
  • Still, a great variety of fruit trees grow very well in the area (walnuts, almonds, cherries, apples, citrus, dessert grape), besides the traditional vineyards
  • In addition, stockbreeding activity can also be developed in the farm, which counts with the according infrastructure (sheds, feeding-trough, and dairy facilities)

Outstanding Infrastructure and Water Availability

  • Owner’s place, 5 sheds, 1 feeding-trough, 1 dairy facility, and concrete water-troughs)
  • Water rights over Embalse Digua plus irrigation channel inside the farm secure water availability for fruit-tree growing activity

Potential Appreciation

  • Recognized area for fruit trees and vineyards. Particularly valuable for European hazelnuts
  • Highway immediacy may generate future appreciation

Privileged Location

  • The property is located next to a highway, in the km 347 of the Ruta 5 Sur (7 kms. South of Parral):
    • Time travel to Santiago: 4 hours
    • Travel time to Concepción: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • All route accesses are through high-speed highways
  • Proximity to urban centers and ports facilitate the management, operation, and logistics for productive activities
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