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1049 – Fundo La Macarena

1049 – Fundo La Macarena Chile

Code: TIAP1049

  • Property Area (has.):50
  • Type:Agriculture Production
  • Location:Codegua
  • Property Price:$45.000.000
  • Price (UF/m):2.250
  • State:Available


Tierra Infinita is proud to present this unique opportunity to acquire a spectacular property of approximately 50 hectares located in the Codegua sector, sixth region, Chile.

The property is located to the east of the town of Codegua, on the road that connects Codegua with La Compañía.

Among the existing buildings, a master’s house, a tenant’s house, a warehouse, an irrigation shed and a loading yard stand out.

From a productive point of view, the main activity would be fruit growing. Out of the 50 hectares there are already 30 in production with technical irrigation. From this 30 productive hectares, 24 are for Cabernet Sauvignon vines and 6 hectares are for peach. From the remaing land, 12 hectares are in fallow with technical irrigation, allowing the land to recover and store organic matter.

The property owns water rights over the Lucano canal, which comes from the Cachapoal River and counts with a storage tank of 50 thousand m3.

The privileged location, the unique feature of a productive unit and the size of this property make it a very attractive opportunity.


Investment Highlights

Spectacular Setting

  • The La Macarena property is flat with a spectacular view of the Andes mountain range
  • Beautiful plantations surround the master’s house

Productive Land

The property is divided as follows:

  • 24 hás. Are for Cabernet Sauvignon vines, technical irrigation, vines are from 2014
  • 3 hás. Are for peach Flavor Crest, technical irrigation, from 2017
  • 3 hás. Are for peach Flavor Crest, technical irrigation, from 2021
  • 12 hás. Are on fallow with technical irrigation
  • 5 há. Are used by a water storage tank
  • 99 hás. Are used for internal roads
  • 26 hás. For main house, administration quarters, warehouse and gardens
  • 2 hás. Is used by the riverbed

Outstanding Infrastructure

  • The property has two homes, a warehouse and a shed.
  • The property owns 5.2 shares of the Lucano chanel, which runs from the Cachapoal river
  • Water storage tank optimizes the irrigation of plantations
  • Border fences in excellent condition
  • Interior fences in excellent condition

Ubicación Privilegiada

  • The property is locates in the Codegua area
  • 1 hour y 15 minutes from Santiago East
  • 20 minutes from Rancagua
  • 30 minutes from Paine
  • 35 minutes from Buin
  • Close to many urban centers facilitating operations, management and logistics

Potential Appreciation

  • Productive sorrounding environment generates a lot of future surplus value
  • There are many cherry tree plantations on neighboring farms. Which translate in good conditions for the plantation
  • Proximity to Santiago makes it attractive as a pleasant productive field.
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