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Alto Ilimay – Las Cruces Chile

Code: TIR29

  • Property Area (has):112.57
  • Type:Residential
  • Location:Las Cruces
  • Property Price:UF700,000 (Approx. US$26,000,000)
  • Price (UF/m2):0.62
  • State:Available


TierraInfinita is proud to be the exclusive agent of this unique opportunity to acquire a valuable piece of land of 112.57 hectares in the touristic heart of the central coast of Chile.

The property is located in the Las Cruces sector, V Region of Chile, distant 1 ½ hours from Santiago through high speed freeways. Inserted in the midst of the consolidated touristic area from Algarrobo to Santo Domingo, covering El Quisco, El Tabo, Las Cruces, Cartagena and San Antonio, the property is also placed in front of the Ilimay de Las Cruces Project, with whom shares a right of way to access the beach.

According to the current Regulating Plan, the plot is suitable for real estate development of both 1st and 2nd housing, since it encompasses from small plots to houses and even 3 – 6 story department buildings. Its touristic vocation is evident, and the proximity with San Antonio (20 minutes) makes the plot viable as part of the natural expansion of this growing port city.

The insertion of the property into an already consolidated area allows it to count with all kind of feasibilities to develop a project (electricity, rain water drainage, gas, telecommunications). The sewerage feasibility needs to be managed with ESVAL, whose concession area is next to the property.

The property enjoys a unique topography, since 85.6% of the land has soft to medium gradients (96.8 hectares). Likewise, the equivalence to flat terrain is 63.46% (equivalent to 71.8 flat hectares), being catalogued as very favorable.

The size of the property -more than 100 hectares- along with the permitted land usage under the regulating plan, makes this property quite a scarce asset for the development of a touristic – grand scale project in the coastal area of the V Region.

To summarize, the advantages of this place are undeniable for the development of a real estate project: good accessibility, close to the sea, even terrain with few accidents, and low infrastructure costs. Furthermore, there are no properties available in the area with similar attributes to this one, such as closeness to the beach, adequate topography, connectivity, accessibility, enclosed investments in macro-infrastructure and a beautiful landscape, making this a unique property in the central coast of Chile. Finally, the economic conditions of the country make very attractive a 2nd housing project, oriented to a massive audience with a growing acquisition power and access to credit as never before.


Investment Highlights

Privileged Location and Connectivity

  • The property is located in the Las Cruces area, in the central coast of V Region, in the midst of the touristic development between Algarrobo and San Antonio:
    • 1h 30 minutes from Santiago
    • 1 h 10 minutes from Valparaíso
    • Slightly more than 20 minutes from San Antonio
  • TAll accesses through high speed freeways and paved roads
  • Underneath pass to access the project

Unique Surrounding in a Consolidated Area

  • Project located in an already consolidated macro- area thanks to the tourism: Algarrobo, El Quisco, El Tabo, Las Cruces, San Antonio and Santo Domingo
  • Touristic neighboring town of Las Cruces counts with all kind of services
  • Vicinity with Ilimay Las Cruces Project -with which the property has an easement agreement to access the beach- constitutes an excellent reference for a real estate development
  • Land usage allows a wide range of real estate developments: partial plotting, houses, and department buildings (3 to 6 stories)

Excellent Topography

  • Topographical analysis shows that the lot has adequate conditions for a large scale real estate project:
    • Soft gradient: (0% a 15%): 56.1% of the terrain
    • Medium gradient: (15% a 30%): 29.5% of the terrain
    • Strong gradient (more than 30%): 14.4% of the terrain
  • Equivalency rate to a flat terrain is 63.46% or 71.8 hectares flat (considered very favorable)
  • Areas with greater gradient are an attribute for recreational purposes and green circuits within the property

Size and Scale

  • Considerable size unit (113 hectares) allows a large real estate development with a wide range of typologies (partial plotting, houses and even department buildings), according to the land usage permission
  • Scarcity of large size land plots make this property a unique asset in the central coast of Chile

Future value appreciation

  • Touristic development of the surroundings generates value appreciation on its own
  • Expansion of the city and port of San Antonio make this property increasingly viable for 1st housing developments

Alto Ilimay is located in an area called Las Cruces, in the central coast of Chile, V Region, next to the coastal road and across from the Ilimay Las Cruces Complex.

The property is immersed in an area of great tourist attraction, as is the coastal edge of the V Region between Algarrobo and Santo Domingo. By proximity, it is part of the area of influence of the port of San Antonio.

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